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January 2nd-4th

 Refresh  2023 

  Reenergise your faith - Go deeper with God.  

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Make a fresh start for 2023 by spending the first 3 mornings listening to experienced, faithful and outside the box speakers.


Why not make the commitment to challenge your
faith and start 2023 with a purpose!


Mark Johnson

Priest in charge at St Tom’s Newtown.


A unique authentic, speaker with a real prophetic edge. A man who has a special perspective on life in Christ through his own life experiences.

Greg Liston

Senior lecturer at Laidlaw College

Greg has such amazing insights into the bible. He is an absolute brain but manages to bring complex thought in a way that is challenging yet understandable.

Nigel Dixon

Vicar at Holy Trinity Tauranga.

Nigel loves exploring scripture and culture and the challenge that being Christian poses in a post-Christian world.

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